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A massage table is normally used for a Reiki session but is not necessary. One can also sit in a chair. Please wear comfortable clothes. Allow oneself to receive whatever is in ones highest good. The Reiki energy will go where it is needed in the body. It has an intelligence of its own.  People usually feel the Reiki energy as heat from the hands of the practitioner. The hands of Reiki healers produce strong pulsing electromagnetic fields. Most people feel very relaxed and some even fall asleep. A full session normally lasts an hour and some people may be a little disoriented at completion. Water is beneficial after a treatment.

Reiki can also be given long distance. There are no constraints on how fast and far the healing energy can travel. The benefits are received instantaneously. It doesn't matter if the receiver is 5 ft away or 5,000 miles away. There are no limitations on the power and effectiveness of Divine Light. See testimonials.

Reiki energy can feel like warm sunshine on a cold day. Reiki can be gentle, nurturing and or very powerful. It depends on what the receiver needs at the time of the treatment. No two sessions are exactly the same because the needs of the receiver change over time. No personal energy is drawn or drained from the practitioner, he or she is simply a channel for the life force. Most people leave the session in a secure and blissful state.

Please note that Reiki is not a substitute for treatment by a medical doctor or orthodox medication. It will support any form of therapy and is ideal for complimenting medical and non medical practitioners.  In Holistic Nursing,  A Handbook for Practice, Chapter 2 Scope and Standards of Practice, the American Holistic Nursing Association AHNA lists Reiki as an accepted form of treatment.  According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007 Reiki was offered as a standard part of patient care in 15% of US hospitals.

When selecting an energy worker please make sure their intention is pure.Try to make sure they match up with you in all ways, shapes and forms. This may change over time and you may need to find new people. It is wonderful to receive Reiki from others but don't give your energy to others.Others can give you the divine Light of Reiki but your individual Light is for you alone. Remember you can find your own connection to the divine if you desire. You do not have to go through others. Always trust yourself and your intuition the most. Your Light is Sacred and Pure. You alone get to decide how you use it and share it with the world.   



Dane is available for Free Reiki Group Healings. These can be done in person but often from afar.  Long distance healing is the most effective way for Dane provide Healing Light. Remember Reiki has no limitations to time and space. Therefore there is no limit to the number who can participate and receive. See FREE REIKI GROUP HEALING fliers in the past event section for more information. Non-profits and support groups are encouraged to email Dane via the contact section. Donations are appreciated to the FLDA and the HDSA.


* Reiki Session Long Distance - $75.00
* Reiki Session Office visit - $125.00
* Reiki Session Home Visit - $175.00

Dane is no longer providing Office or Home Visits. You can contact his Reiki Master Amy Layh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for these services.

Dane is available for Long Distance Reiki Treatments. Please call or email to schedule your 10 minute Reiki Blast! Dane will speak with you before and after the treatment. To Prepare find a quiet place with no distractions. Please turn off your phone and close your eyes. During the transmission of Reiki Light you may feel warmness in the body, tingling, waves of energy, see lights and hear words. Pressure points and areas of discomfort in the body can occur as the energy heals. Tears of joy or sadness may suddenly appear. Anything can happen, it’s between you and the Divine. Not feeling anything does not mean that nothing happened. Healing can occur without the body’s awareness. It’s possible for pain to leave the body immediately but normally it happens after the 10 minute session. Be A Sponge, soak up as much Light as you can.


Training Reiki 1 - $150.00
Training Reiki II - $250.00
Training Reiki III- $350.00
Training Reiki Teacher- $400.00
Note.  (Teacher is additional $400.00 over Reiki III )

Dane is no longer providing this service. You can contact his Reiki Master Amy Layh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reiki Training involves the receipt of Attunements from the Reiki Master. To practice Reiki you must receive an Attunement. They are transmissions of energy that open the inner healing channel enabling the life force to flow through more intensely. Even if one feels nothing the inner healing channel is open. Many students feel a pleasant wave like flow and expansive feeling of warmth across the whole body. Some may see bright lights and vivid colors. Once one becomes an open channel your ability to do Reiki will remain for the rest of ones life. The life force energy is now available to be used for healing oneself and others.  At each Attunement a kind of cleansing takes place on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. One may experience self healing reactions where blockages are released and toxins set free. Some Reiki masters suggest one to three months between the First Degree and Second Degree. One can go as far as you desire with your training.


Dane is no longer providing this service. You can contact Constance Wulf AP  at

Muscle testing can be used for many different health situations and circumstances.Try to find a gifted and qualified MT Kinesiologist to determine the specific auto channels and frequencies you need. The use of the MT allows one to improve more quickly with controlled herxes matching the desire and capacity of each individual. A calendar is provided at the end of the MT showing what auto channels and frequencies to run each day and how many minutes. 

When Muscle testing one can ask what frequencies should be Deleted from an auto channel or Repeated. If Repeated how many times? These answers if utilized properly can have a tremendous effect on one's progress. Custom auto channels can be made to reflecting this information for each individual. See Operating Instructions and Manual if you desire. One can also ask if the Gate should be On or Off and the appropriate Duty Cycle setting. The more detailed the MT the more effective and safer the treatment.   

The following MT Blank's, Sample's and Calendars's can be used for yourself and others if you wish to develop your own treatment protocol. The descriptions of auto channels and frequenicies listed are found in The New Universal Sideband Frequency List 2018. This Frequency List comes with the purchase of GB4000 Frequency Generator.   

MT Blank for Lyme

MT Sample for Lyme

MT Calendar for Lyme

MT Blank for HD

MT Sample for HD

MT Calendar for HD

Try to find by a gifted and qualified MT Kinesiologist to complete your MT Blank's, Sample's and Calendar's abve. You can also learn to do it yourself with a pendulum. 


"The Rife machine has been one of the most powerful tools assisting me toward health after contracting Lyme a number of years ago. Not only did Dane sell me a wonderful, effective product, but Dane's MT has helped me to focus my treatments in areas needed most, helping me to feel less overwhelmed. The results have been excellent. I continue to work with Dane to fine tune my Rife treatments bringing me to greater health. Thank you Dane!  Beth W. Portland Oregon."