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Reiki has powers not just for humans . We were recently pet sitting a small yippy dog who was barking non stop on the other side of our house. Dane said he would send the dog Reiki to quiet her down. Not believing anything would end the incessant barking I told Dane, ‘No way will that work” Within two minutes of sending the energy the dog’s constant barking stopped. I again witnessed the effectiveness of long distance Reiki.
Aimee, FL

I would be fibbing if I didn't say I was a bit skeptical the first time I tried Reiki.  I struggled to grasp the concept and questioned even more so, the effectiveness over the phone.  I lead an active lifestyle, and generally have no complaints with my energy level...however have had several dreadfully stressful events in my life over the past few years and was looking for an avenue to minimize the negative effects of stress from accumulating in me.  After my first session with Dane, I was not only overwhelmed with the results....but was shocked by the outcome.  With no prior knowledge, Dane pinpointed the source of my weakness...and the day after, I had a feeling of total mental and physical exhaustion that could not be explained.  This day, my analogy is that it was like all the anguish was leaving....then a gradual refreshing feeling came to me over the course of the next day. Since last May, I have had several sessions with Dane over the phone and feel that they are just as effective as the live session, each is unique in it's own way.  Another memorable outcome was me falling asleep in all my clothes....I did not wake up until the next morning.  In my 50 years, I don't believe I have ever fallen asleep in my clothes.  It is undoubtedly an overwhelming experience, and continues to surprise me with the effects.

Dane Boggs introduced me to reiki.  He is one of the kindest people I know, and I have enjoyed his willingness to share his incredible ability to move energy from the universe, and to make it accessible to me.  Dane knows first hand the challenge of attaining a sense of peace in the midst of what can feel like a perpetual chase to meet unending demands, placed upon us by ourselves and others.  Dane's mastery of reiki, and the opportunity to be re-energized by it, as well as by Dane's example and promotion of wellness -- of mind, body and spirit -- is a treat in the moment, that lingers.
Tamara, CO

Being a Reiki Master I am very familiar with energy healing work. The greatest aspect of Dane's Reiki work is that I didn't have to orchestrate what needed to be done.  His ability to work long distance, joining my masters with his for my greater well-being, left me very grounded, peaceful and relaxed.
Sharon, FL

I actually did feel...not sure how to explain, other than saying it was very Heart Warming. A very subtle tingling in my chest and over all very peaceful. Thank you very much.           

Hope you were sending or I received from someone else.  Had 2 rapid heart palpitations in the first few minutes, had a lot of flashing white light, star burst, then some light red and orange.  Also to start my hands were real warm!  Then I went to sleep.  Also felt a bit nauseous , when I got up.  I needed some sugar in my system so I drank some juice.  Then I taught yoga class for 1 1/2 hours and it was awesome. Forgot to tell you I also saw different shapes of eyes during the session, like they were watching me in a safe way.  Into the pure divine white light of the universe may your negative thoughts and feelings go, lead a pure and simple life.                 

For the past week I have been suffering from the flu.  The kind of flu that makes you achy and tired and wondering when you are ever going to feel good again.  Then today I had an incredible Reiki session with you and truly, I felt better as soon as we were complete.  As if that wasn't good enough, its now 8 hours later and I keep getting better and better.  Oh yes, I am still coughing, but that wrung out feeling is gone!  What makes you so masterful Dane, is your ability to trigger a re-energization at the cellular level.  You were able to deeply "tune in" to what I needed!  Your calm and centered presence convey healing. I am so grateful to you and I will highly recommend you to any family members and friends who can benefit from your power as a healer!
Kanu, DC

Dane has treated me for everything from joint pain and asthma to vertigo and insomnia; a lifetime challenge. All with equal success. I have experienced a significant and on going reduction in joint pain, better balance, easier breathing and immediate and peaceful sleep. I have found Reiki to be a powerful healing force both physically and spiritually. So much so, that Dane as a Reiki Master has taught me to do Reiki. Dane has truly found his path as a gifted healer.
Patricia, FL

I am amazed by Dane and Reiki.   I wasn't quite sure what to make of Reiki when I first really learned of it a few years ago and would have to say I was slightly cynical.  After months of chronic pain, and then receiving a Crohn's disease diagnosis, I was reeling physically and mentally, trying to deal with the pain and associated discomfort and attempting to get my mind around a lifelong incurable disease and the changes that were going to result.  I saw Dane a few days after diagnosis and felt the pain subsiding quickly during the session and felt so much better afterward. Reiki reduced the pain greatly and enabled me to relax a bit and finally rest.  Subsequent treatments have continued to lessen the pain and also help some of the drug side effects to subside. I also feel much more capable of working through the emotional issues of the disease.  I am truly blessed that Dane found this path and is able to truly help so many of us.

Thank you for the treatment last evening. I was not sure what to expect and I was surprised when I felt a tingling in my left knee and right foot. My knee bothers me a bit when it gets cold and my feet are often cold so I have trouble walking. I did have a bit of pressure in my neck but the best part is I was so relaxed I fell asleep and had one of the best nights rest in a long time.
Mary, VA

Once we hung up the phone, I started to feel tingly in my feet and legs which was kind of cool and really surprising.  I definitely felt calm and relaxed during it and I felt tingling in the palms of my hands, fingertips, bottoms of my feet, and legs. It was extremely renewing and I have no anxiety at all right now. I wasn't exactly sure what you meant when you said it can be done all the way from Florida to me but now I understand and I know I felt something.
Kaleigh, NY

My  name is Abbey and I am from SLC, UT. I had the pleasure of meeting Reiki Master Dane Boggs while he was in town from Florida a few weeks back.  I recently was involved in a horrible car accident that left major trauma in my body.  Since the accident, I have not only suffered physical trauma but also depression.  Introduced to Reiki for the first time by Dane, I was skeptical. He assured me that this form of healing helps many people with different types of conditions. Through his kindness I was given a free Reiki treatment.  I had immediate results! I could not believe the way that it made me feel. I could describe it as someone taking a dark cloud out from my head and turning it into sun. The effects lasted the entire day. I have not felt this well in a long time. This amazing treatment has made me believe that I belong on the Reiki path.  I am now working through Dane to get my attunements, and plan on becoming a Reiki Master one day.  Thank you Dane for your magic.  You truly have a gift to share and I hope you touch many more lives, just the way you touched my life.
Abbey, UT

REIKI, to me, is a wonderful gift to all…humans animals and the earth. I’ve known about it for a long time but I guess the time was not right for me to learn and go further. I had a surgery many years ago that was very hard to come back from. Many weeks in to the healing process a friend gave me a Reiki session. After weeks of pain I felt the change, the healing…and I was a believer. I went to a Reiki seminar… but as I said, I did not go further. I have worked with people all my life, educating and training them to become physically fit. It seemed a natural progression to include Reiki as part of my program…and yet I did not go further. More surgeries, a few more body wrenching accidents later …I woke up one day and said …”I need to get involved in Reiki”…once and for al! But who to learn from? I did my research, looked in to programs offered here in Pittsburgh, read bios, talked to people, studied websites…and I did not go further… One day I was on my computer. I wasn’t researching ANYTHING to do with Reiki……and Dane’s website just “appeared”. I’ve gone over this a dozen times to figure out how looking on a site for horse supplements got me to visit Dane’s website…but it did. I did something unusual for me. I actually took the time to read everything he had posted. I knew immediately that this was who I wanted to learn from. I couldn’t decide on any other Reiki Master because Dane was my Reiki Master! I just need to find him!!! I DID go Further! I just received my level Three attunement and will definitely try to be a Reiki Master. There are such wonderful gifts given to us all thru Reiki as I said earlier. The more of us that GO FURTHER … I am so happy that Dane was put on my path. Thank you for being where I needed to find you.
Missy,  PA

Dane:  A few minutes after I hung up, I seemed pretty relaxed (for me) but as I lay there, I became more and more relaxed.  Keep in mind, I'm a pretty skeptical person.  My skepticism is relating to the "long distance" part of the Reiki.  But, I have an open mind and believe you.  Within 5 min or so, I started having some funny feelings in all my fingertips and then my toes.  I unexpectedly had some twinge pains in my left upper arm and then, the same twinges in my left hip, each time they would subside within 60 sec or so.  This happened a few times and one time the pain traveled from my upper arm into my left shoulder.  Then, my toes all became very uncomfortable, almost to the point of pain, especially both my big toes.  They both started BURNING.  This lasted about 10-15 min.  A couple of different times I felt heart palpitations, like for 3-4 beats and then they were gone.  I got up about 10 till 7 and noticed a headache instantly, not bad, but one like you have when your blood pressure is up.  Since I have only experienced high blood pressure after my recent heart problem, I found this weird.  It went away before I got downstairs.  I don't feel as much anxiety as I had prior and it was really nice to relax and just take time for myself.  Guess I need to start scheduling that!!!!!!  I'd still like to have a treatment with you present to compare. Just let me know what you have available. Thanks so much.
Linda, FL

The long distance session really helped last night.  Very quickly after we hung up the phone, I felt what I can only describe as a compression of my upper left torso.  My heart was pounding, it became a little harder to breathe (not alarming though), everything seemed to be pulsing in that area.  This lasted for a good 5 min or so.  I found it very interesting that every time I get pain in my left ankle.  I've been telling the doctors for several years now since my last surgery that something is not right in there.  This seems to be proving my theory.  Other than some interesting feelings on three distinct points of my jaw (both sides and my chin), which made me concentrate on relaxing as I have TMJ and those are points where I tighten up. The biggest breakthrough is that whatever happened last night did more good than all the medicine I've had over the last week!!!!  YIPPIE!!!  My stomach no longer looks like I'm six months pregnant!  I still have discomfort in my ribcage but I would expect that after all the irritation it has endured because of the strong medicines I've had to take.
Linda, FL

During my long distance attunement I felt the all over warm tingly feeling that I get during a Reiki treatment. I then saw colors but this time they were changing and moving really quickly and normally they are pretty slow paced for me. After that, I felt sort of heavy, especially in my chest area. That slowly tapered off though and then I mostly felt tingling in my legs, on the tops of them. I didn't fall asleep but I laid in my bed very comfortably until about 2:05pm. Thanks again.
Kaleigh, NY

I don’t know what to think except that I feel better today and I’ve slept more in the last 24hrs than I have for a week!  I have to admit, I felt so relaxed and peaceful yesterday afternoon when I napped after the first Reiki that I can’t help but suspect more was at work than the Mucinex!! Thank you Dane for your support and making me feel so much better.  I’m still mystified......but grateful!
Mary, FL

Your Reiki was nothing short of miraculous. My brain came back online. It seems I was out of my body for 4 days when I was sick with that sore throat, etc. I was running on autopilot. After the Reiki I was "back". It makes it so much easier to function. I am so very grateful.
Bobbe, FL

Our 2 year old dog, Jorgan, had a life threatening liver problem.  We decided to subject him to an operation that would potentially resolve all his issues. The operation was successful but 2 days later he developed seizures.  The seizures are generally fatal.  Fortunately Jorgan had help, Reiki Master Boggs, sent him Reiki nearly every day for about a week.  With a terrible prognosis, he still somehow survived against the expectations of the vets.  We attribute his return from the edge to his Reiki sessions. There is no medical explanation. We are so thankful to have our running dog back with us. Thank you Dane for bringing Reiki into our lives!
John, UT